Cork – Midnight Blue – By 12″ x WOF


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Content: Cork Right side, Poly Canvas Wrong Side

WOF: 28″

Product type: Bag making supplies, Cork, Specialty


A Bit More info,

  • how will it be cut? 12″ x wof (27″ to 28″)
  • what if I order multiple 12″ roll? It’ll be cut as multiple 12″ roll and roll together to make the roll stronger for shipping
  • what is shipping like. Up to 3 rolls (12″ roll) can ship $6.50 first class. Up to 6 rolls I will try to fit diagonal in PFRE for $9. Probably up to 20 rolls I will ship MFRB. I will roll all together to make the roll stronger. So they are not individually wrapped by itself.

***Watched the FB live replay to see those Cork in person,


***Finished Bag Made by Seweird member, Yuli Sung.



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