Jacquard Tie Dye Kit


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Fun for all ages, this kit is a fantastic introduction to tie dye! The classic tie dye never seems to go out of style. Now you can create yourself a vibrant tie dye piece with these easy-to-use kits.


You will need to supply the fabric. For use on cotton and other natural fabrics or clothing. Dyes up to 15 adult t-shirts. Kit includes: 3 pre-measured applicator bottles of Procion MX Dyes (1 each in: Magenta, Turquoise and Yellow), 1 mixing bottle, Soda Ash dye fixer, gloves, rubber bands, video tutorial access card, and instructions.



This one can fit in a Medium Flat Rate Box (MFRB) with room for 6 more yards quilt cotton woven, OR 3 more yards medium weight knit.


Watching the unboxing Video My Daughter and I open the inside of the box.


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